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The park is being developed in three phases and in the first phase you will see the following medical facilities added to our park:

  • Rehabilitation Center
  • 4 Leading Pharmaceutical Companies
  • 2 Leading Stem Cell Clinics
  • 35 Leading Universities
  • 6 Leading Medical Clinics
  • 4 to 8 Leading Medial Device Companies

Unlike other developments we only want the best of the best in rehabilitation, treatment, R&D and new technologies. Because of this we will be very particular about the quality and standards that must be maintained. We welcome ideas and shared experiences so that we may develop the best!

<![CDATA[Why a Brain Industry Park and Why China?]]>Thu, 15 May 2014 10:24:05 GMThttp://www.brainindustrypark.com/big-blog/why-a-brain-industry-park-and-why-chinaPicture
When I suffered my bleed and stroke in 2001 I found myself challenged with seeking out knowledge and solutions regarding stroke. I knew in my heart that there had to be more answers than those that were shared with me. After I came to China in 2004 and experienced revolutionary treatments that restored much of what was lost. I committed myself to discovering the best solutions and treatments for other patients with neurological challenges. I have spent more than a decade in this pursuit and as a result brought hundreds of patients from across the world to China for treatment.

It is now time to take this health challenge to the next level and bring together the best in rehabilitation, treatment, R&D and new technologies. According to the China Ministry of Health, stroke is the most common single cause of death in China. Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) also show that one in six people worldwide will suffer a stroke in their lifetime and that every six seconds someone dies from a stroke. You will find that China’s incidence of stroke is four to five times the number of other developed countries. Yet stroke, with its far reaching implications,is just one of the more than 600 neurological disorders that are being faced.

Because of the need in China, the deep understanding, use and acceptance of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the support of the government for such an undertaking, this makes China the perfect location for such a project.

At first glance it can seem daunting but I am committed to bring together the best throughout the world and share that knowledge and skill for the benefit of others. In April of 2014 the Brain Industry Group llc was formed to do just that.  I hope, therefore, you will welcome us, reach out and add your energy and efforts to this project as together we find the answers for the neurological challenges that face us.

<![CDATA[“Ruth” A Story of Hope Help & Healing]]>Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:14:15 GMThttp://www.brainindustrypark.com/big-blog/ruth-a-story-of-hope-help-healingPicture
On November 12, 2001 at the age of 42, I suffered a bleed in the left pontine area of my brainstem and a secondary stroke. I was expected to die within the first 24 hours and survived only to endure the next several years that proved to be the most horrific of my life.

Prior to the bleed and stroke I was an active wife, mother of three wonderful young children and business owner and professional  speaker. The stroke left me with no feeling on the right side of my body, limited mobility, in a wheelchair, suffering with double vision, speech difficulties and no balance.

 “I felt like a basket case without the basket. Dead and not knowing how to die, with one foot in the grave and one among the living.”

I tried desperately to be the perfect patient, doing everything my doctors, nurses and therapists asked of me. After a period of two and a half years I was only walking short distances with great pain and difficulty, still had no feeling on my right side, lacked fine motor movement, suffered from severe balance, vision, and bladder incontinence problems. I spent much of my time in bed or sitting in a recliner and due to the fear of incontinence I did not leave the house very often.

“My husband said I was dying but doing a very poor job and taking forever to do it!”

I suffered for years but when what I thought was a simple bout with a cold and upset stomach, caused an increase in the severity of the double vision and suffering more disabilities daily, I knew I needed an answer. Faced with increasing challenges after that illness I began to listen to my two Chinese exchange students with greater interest. They had been telling my about treatment in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to be precise. It was then that I asked them to begin an intensive online search of the Internet in Chinese and locate the best facility for treating stroke in China.

After due diligence they found the leading stoke hospital in Tianjin, China and with their help I contacted and received an invitation for treatment. After the first 2 weeks of treatment in China it became very apparent that I had made the best decision of my life.

In a matter of months they had completely restored feeling to my right side. Balance returned and I found myself walking long distances without trouble. Normal vision was slowly restored and fine motor movement is returning.  I can now day that cognitive function and memory problems are a thing of the past. In short they gave me my life back.

As a former nurse, paramedic, surgical specialist, and clinic manager, I recognized the opportunity to help others in similar situations, and in 2006 I began assisting patients who desired to come to China for treatment. My personal story and experience gave me immediate credibility with patients and provided me with a roadmap of the path to success for those in similar situations. It wasn’t long before others were beginning to experience the successes that I had found through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Although this is a great story and many have experienced hope, it's just the beginning.